About Us

The Nepal journalists Association (NJA) was established in the year 1952 (Bikram Sambad 2008) with its First President Mr. Satya Narayan Bahadur Shrestha and Secretary Mr. Bhoj Bahadur Singh Neupane.

Mr. Krishna Prasad Upadhyay became the next President of NJA on 16th Chaitra 2012 (1956) with its Mr. Fatteh Bahadur Singh Vice President and Mr. Mani Raj Upadhyay (Secretary).

As per Mr. Grishma Bahadur Devkota’s book, under the Chairmanship of the Representative of Rastravani Mr. Bharat Shumsher Rana formed the new Executive Committee of NJA on 15th Chaitra 2013.

After that Mr. Gopal Das Shrestha, Mr. Pashupati Dev, Pandey, Mr. Manindra Raj Shrestha, Mr. Indu Kanta Sharma and Mr. Gokarna Dev Pandey were the President of NJA.

After that Mr. Manju Ratha Sakya was elected for the post of NJA President on 2035. After that Mr. Sakya was reelected again for NJA President on 2038. After that Mr. Nirmal Kumar Aryal became the President for two years.

After two years term of Mr. Aryal, Mr. Manju Ratna Sakya elected again for the post of President of NJA. Since then Mr. Sakya elected for the post of NJA and Mr. Sakya is successfully serving in the Association till now with the full support from the Nepalese journalists.

Nepal Journalists Association (NJA), an autonomous apex body of all professional journalists of Nepal is very delighted to welcome you to its official website.

NJA works for the equal treatment, opportunity without bias to all journalists as well as creation of good environment for the develop of journalism respecting rights and duties, ethics, norms and values. To deliver its objectives, NJA finds symbiosis between the press and Government and most importantly which inspires free press and its role to the society.

With affiliations that spread far and wide the world over, NJA is undoubtedly the hub for all journalism activities and through the partnership with other likeminded organizations from around the world, it is evermore able to contribute to the society.

Of course, the only goal we present ourselves which is to contribute to journalism by all means.
Nepal Journalists Association (NJA) is oldest Journalist Association in Nepal. It has deserved to act enhance the principle of democratic pattern of journalism comprehensively on one side and on the other hand maintains balanced reflection of people’s views through newspapers and media. Throughout Nepal, NJA has 33 district branch offices which full fledge participation of nearly four thousand members.

Nepal Journalists Association is oldest and promising journalist Association in Nepal. This Association has been registered in accordance with the act of Government of Nepal. It is renewed as per Government rules every year from the concerning Department of the Government.

Nepal Journalists Association is an autonomous apex body of all professional journalists of Nepal. Headquartered in Jana Prabhat Marg, Kalimati, Kathmandu, Nepal, NJA delivers its services to address to the needs of all professional journalists who contribute to the nation's development. By finding a symbiosis between the press and Government of Nepal, NJA looks forward to serving them all in one go with tireless effort to imbibe all of its guiding principles.

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