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Kim IL sung birthday

14 September, 2013

 Sun’s Day Observed


March 29, 2013:

                 Former Deputy Prime Minister and Vice-Chairman

of CPN (UML) Comrade Bamdev Gautam said –“19 years ago I had an opportunity to

meet President KIM IL SUNG in Pyongyang together with Comrade Madhav Kumar

Nepal and Modnath Prasit. It was my first foreign visit except India and first

opportunity to meet, talk and lunch together with such a great communist leader

of a communist party. I could not meet Marx, Lenin, Angel, Mao in my life but

when I met Comrade KIM IL SUNG, I felt as if I met all of them. When we talked

I felt as if we were receiving Fatherly love and care from him. President

 mentioned us that every communist party should

go ahead according to the special situation of its own country and supported

CPN UML’s the then principle of supporting constitutional monarchy based on the

special condition in Nepal. After the liberation of Korea, President said-

Russia wanted to help DPRK by establishing some big factories in Korea, but

President Kim IL Sung asked if it could help by establishing a paper and pencil

factory, because to disseminate the Juche idea and to sustain the peoples’

right, country-men should be educated and for that paper and pencil are


                Vice-Chairman Comrade Gautam was

recalling his, meeting with President Kim IL Sung at a special talk program

organized by Nepal Journalists Association for the Study of Juche Idea and

Songun Policy to celebrate the 101st Sun’s Day in Kathmandu. He continued


Imperialist is now conducting activities in its strategic plan to dismantle

North Korea by continuing all-round blockade.In my opinion this 21st century is the

century of the

end of the imperialists all over the world. President Kim Il Sun’s last wish

was to reunify the two Koreas. I wish his last desire will be fulfilled by the

present leadership and Korea will be still prosperous and develop its socialism

still stronger and cultured and the cordial relationship existing between our

two countries and peoples will remain forever.”

                General Secretary of CPN (M.L.)

and Chairman of President KIM IL SUNG and Comrade KIM JONG IL National Memorial

Commission of Nepal Comrade C.P. Mainali briefed on the immortal contribution

of President KIM IL SUNG and said that he always opposed foreign domination and

flunky and puppet character. Nepalese political leaders should learn from him

if we have to stand in our own independent character.

                Ambassador Extra-ordinary and

Plenipotentiary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to Nepal H.E. Mr.

Kim Yong Su, thanking to the organizer and political leaders and people of

Nepal for extending their continuous support and solidarity to the just struggle

of the Korean people, said that President KIM IL SUNG dedicated his whole life

in the extremely difficult situation to emancipate the Korean people and to

liberate Korea. Briefing the on-going extremely dangerous situation in the

Korean peninsula due to the US and its puppet regimes’ policy of economic

blockade and domination, Ambassador said –our people and army are ready to demolish

their maneuver based on our strength developed by our own and able to sustain

our independence under the leadership  of

Marshal KIM JONG UN.

                Chairman of the special function

and President of Nepal journalists Association for the Study of Juche idea and

Songun Policy and Senior Vice Chairman of Nepal-Korea Friendship Association,

who is also Director of Asian Regional Institute of Juche Idea Dr. Manju Ratna

Sakya said that he would love visiting DPRK every year apart from visiting

Pakistan, Myanmar, China and requested all the present dignitaries and journalists

to visit DPRK once in their life, because he mentioned “seeing is believing”

                Dr. Sakya recalling his long

face-to-face interview with President KIM IL SUNG in 1978 displayed full text

of his interview published in Pyongyang Times and Certificate of Honor

presented to him by President KIM IL SUNG. Dr. Sakya also assured  - ‘ the Korean

people will receive full

support by NJA, journalists friends and Nepalese people  in their struggle to

sustain  independence and peace  against the imperialist domination’ and


thanked all who participated this valuable celebration and supported the Korean

peoples’ just cause.

                A letter of appreciation signed

by NJA President Dr. Sakya to Marshal KIM JONG UN on behalf of the participants

was sent to Pyongyang, DPR of Korea through H.E. Ambassador, which was read-out

by Mr. Phanindra Raj Pant, who was the Master for today’s Ceremony.