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Key Note Speech at e-seminar organized on the occasion of 20th Anniversary of the untimely sad demise of the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG in Indonesia

19 June, 2014

 Key Note Speech at e-seminar organized on the occasion of 20th Anniversary of the untimely sad demise of the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG in Indonesia



-         Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya

President, Nepal Journalists' Association and

NJA for Studying  Juche Idea and Songun Policy

Senior Vice-Chairman,  Nepal-Korea Friendship Association


Respected Chairman

Dear Korean friends

Dear Comrades

Ladies and Gentleman,


          It is a great honor for me to speak at the e-seminar organized on the occasion of 20th Anniversary of the untimely sad demise of the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG which is to be held in Indonesia on the first week of July 2014.


          I sincerely thank you all for kindly giving me a chance to express my views on the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG with whom  I had a great opportunity to meet and direct face to face interview with my wife in Chongjin, DPRK on 19th June 1979.


          This  year on the occasion of  20th  Anniversary of the demised day of the Great Leader  President KIM IL SUNG, all the Korean people are expressing their deepest thanks and respect to him who had devoted all his life to the  sacred cause for freedom and independence of the people  and  for social progress and made brilliant achievements for the mankind.  The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG was the great  thinker and theoretician who fathered the Juche idea, the great guiding idea of revolution which represents the whole historic period the present and the future and illumines  the way  ahead of era.


          Frankly speaking, President KIM IL SUNG was not only the Great Leader of  the entire Korean People but he was also one the beloved leader of all the progressive people of the world too.


President KIM IL SUNG wisely led the socialist construction with his unusual intelligence and turned Korea once backward into a dignified, powerful socialist industrial state. He organized and guided the socialist construction boldly & skillfully and converted Korea in war ruins into a powerful independent socialist state with strong heavy & modern light industry and developed agriculture in a very short time of 14 years after the war. He created the world startling  brilliant literature and arts and established the most superior popular educational and public health system in Korea.


President KIM IL SUNG gave full answers to all questions of any journalists arising from the world revolutionary movement which has become complex and diversified in the present era.


He made a great contribution to unity and solidarity of the third world countries and the new emerging countries by proposing the policy that they should strengthen their unity and cooperation on the principle of complete equality , independence, mutual respect, non-interference in each other's domestic affairs and mutual benefit to cope with the divisive, alienating and subversive moves of the imperialists.


President KIM IL SUNG received many foreign politicians and public figures visiting Korea and had friendly talks with them and inspired them in confidence in victory of their struggle.


Any foreign visitors to the DPRK who had the honor of meeting President KIM IL SUNG entranced by his benevolent simple character. It is due to the greatness of both the idea of independence and the respected leader of the Korean people President KIM IL SUNG that more and more people are now following the ideal of an age of independence.


Many leaders, public figures and scholars from various countries of the world who met the President KIM IL SUNG express that  they become familiar with the President KIM IL SUNG and came to talk with him without reserve before they knew it. This may be ascribable to his broad mindedness, great influence, modesty and simplicity.


The Korean people who are closely united around the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG, the sun of the Korean people and march forward under his dynamic leadership certainly won brilliant victories in the revolution in the work of construction and in the cause of national reunification .


Contribution of the Great Leader


The achievements  accomplished by the Korean people  under  the dynamic leadership of the beloved President KIM IL SUNG,  the founder of the great Juche idea had provided inspiration not only to the   people of Korea  along but also to the people of the world struggling for the promotion  and consolidation of national independence and peace . The ideological and theoretical activities and the immortal exploits of the respected beloved leader will remain enshrined in golden letters in the world history of revolution. It is the unusual  accomplishment of the far-sighted leadership of the Great Leader who led the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle  and the Fatherland Liberation  war to victory and built up a powerful  independent national economy in Korea and the constant high speed of economic development.


The contributions rendered by the Great  Leader President KIM IL SUNG had produced splendid results in almost all the fields of society . The happy and  prosperous Korean people are still enjoying  under the rays of the ' Theses on the socialist rural question in our country ' published by the Great Leader.


The unique virtues and qualities of the Great Leader President               KIM IL SUNG are such  that a well know critic of Japan who unable to understand the world trend had wondered about many countries was deeply touched at the Juche idea created by President KIM IL SUNG and visited Korea. After returning home he wrote an article 'President KIM IL SUNG moves Asia and the world.’


Today, President KIM IL SUNG is not with us but the world people respect President KIM IL SUNG as the Great Leader because he fathered the immortal Juche idea and thus illustrated the path ahead of mankind and accelerated the world revolution powerfully.


President KIM IL SUNG was in the forefront  in the building of socialism and communism. During his time, the economy of Korea which the enemy claimed would not rise in a hundred years was restored in less than three years above the pre-war level. The historic task of socialist industrialization was carried out in a little over ten years and an independent  national economy capable of developing by itself despite global economic turmoil was established.  He also illuminate the road to the complete and final victory of socialism setting himself its example to the world.

Unique and Dynamic Personality of the Great Leader


          It is indeed not an easy  task to assess and evaluate  the multifaceted talents and capacity  of the most  unique and dynamic leader of the entire Korean people President KIM IL SUNG to deal effectively with matters concerned with almost all parts of state affairs as well as the unusual contributions in making the Democratic People's  Republic of Korea play considerable role in the world history . It was he who through  his far-sightedness , wisdom  and courage had protected ahead the nation's survival and progress from various  challenges and threats from within  and without .


          The personality of President KIM IL SUNG symbolizes the entire and incessant contribution he had rendered for the economic, social and cultural development of DPRK. The history of DPRK remains incomplete if  it does not shed light on the historic deeds of President KIM IL SUNG accomplished in the larger interests of his country and people. What have been published with regard to the unique qualities of President KIM IL SUNG’s life and personality were found to be concrete realities which I myself witnessed and experienced during our visit to DPRK in June 1979.


It is this personality of President KIM IL SUNG which had permeated in the heart of the entire Korean people and it is because of this that they have engaged themselves so heroically in the task of their national reconstruction. We personally witnessed this fact during our visit to DPRK. That a nation's overall development was possible only under the leadership of such a personality as had identified himself with the lives and aspirations of his people was borne out in the personality of President KIM IL SUNG. Had this national personality of President KIM IL SUNG not been so before the world, Korea and the Korean people would surely have not been able to emancipate themselves from their agony   and troubles. The development campaigns launched in the political, economic, social and cultural fields by President KIM IL SUNG demonstrate beyond even the least suspicion that President KIM IL SUNG was always prepared and determined as ever for laboring hard for the bright future of his country and people. He had dedicated himself to the overall development and fulfillment of the larger interest of his country and people. These constructive contributions made in the larger interests of DPRK reflect without any diminution the personality of President KIM IL SUNG. It was under the dynamic leadership of this illustrious personality that DPRK become able to occupy its place of pride among the developed nation of the world.

          It would not be inconsistent here to claim that President KIM IL SUNG’s personality had not remained confined only to any limited area but had expanded over the entire regions of the nation. In fact, the multi-faceted personality of President KIM IL SUNG had become a golden page in the history of multi-lateral progress of DPRK.


The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG had so closely identified himself with the urges and aspirations of the people that there is nothing in the DPRK which does not carry the distinct  impact of that great personality. The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG had personally visited each and every nook and corner of the DPRK to understand for himself the hardships and problems of his people. The revolutionary idea formulated by President          KIM IL SUNG is Kimilsungism with the Juche idea as the essence.


The revolutionary idea propounded by President KIM IL SUNG was an inheritance and development of Marxism-Leninism and it forms the highest pinnacle of the revolutionary ideas of the working class. In this sense, it may be said that the  revolutionary idea of   President KIM IL SUNG is not a mere present day Marxism–Leninism and it is proper that the Korean people call it Kimilsungism after his death also. President KIM IL SUNG, like the rising sun in the Far East had one of the most far-sighted leadership among all Marxism–Leninism leaders in the contemporary world. His success was ever uncontested leader of the DPRK, reflected absolute support to and trust in the Great Leader as a token of the unanimous desire of the Korean people entrusting all their destiny to him. Korean people hold him high veneration for he laid them through thick and thin.


Wise and  Dynamic leadership of the Great Leader


          The fact is already before the world still now about how the pace of economic, social and cultural development of DPRK had accelerated in an unprecedented manner under the dynamic leadership of the Great and beloved leader of the entire Korean people, President KIM IL SUNG. The historic event of how Korea and the Korean people have emancipated themselves from the situation of dependence on others under the far-sighted policy and dynamic leadership of the Great Leader President  KIM IL SUNG who believes in the fact that the progress of the country is possible only through the spirit of dedication to duty, labor and wisdom of the Korean people themselves. There is no exaggeration to maintain that the sacrifice and peerless contribution rendered by President KIM IL SUNG in tiding over any difficulty and troubles for the overall development of the country and the people have been enshrined in golden words in the memorable pages of the history of Korea.


It was the far-sighted policy and able leadership of the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG that had played the mainly instrumental role in arraying Korea and the Korean people in an atmosphere of independence after having incessantly fought against Japanese and U.S. imperialism. The heroic role played by the Korean people under his revolutionary leadership too occupies a place of pride in the history of Korea. There cannot be two opinions about the fact  that the brave activities and the struggleful life of the Korean people equipped with revolutionary ideals constitute the main background of the speedy progress of Korea. The fighter’s role which the Korean people developed and consolidated in the struggle for their country’s independence without wavering even in the least in face of the having full faith in the ultimate victory through the adherence of the principles of mutual help and following single mindedly  the policy and directives enunciated by President KIM IL SUNG  during the course of struggle has become such an immortal part of history which will continue to inspire the entire peace loving people of the world.


Inspired always by the political personality of the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG who was accustomed to the ways of a revolutionary family life had contributed untiring labor for the larger development of Korea when Korea has been achieving new heights every week on the road of development. There will be no exaggeration to claim that the far-sighted leadership and fatherly affection of President KIM IL SUNG had placed the country very much ahead of many Asian countries. He loves his people very much in the same way as does his own children. The sentiments, gratitude and esteem expresses for him present a living example of how much the entire Korean people were impressed by the personality of President KIM IL SUNG who had never alienated himself from the feeling that the weal and woe of his people are his own weal and woe. The unprecedented progress achieved in the field of education, agriculture, industry, culture etc. under the dynamic leadership of the Korean’s beloved leader President KIM IL SUNG had brought Korea in line with the other developed nations of the world.


While on a visit to DPRK, we personally realized that the speedy progress which is being made by Korea in accordance with the principle and the pace of Chollima being practiced under the able leadership of President KIM IL SUNG had become an imitable lesson for all developing countries. What we witnessed during our tour of different parts of DPRK proved that Korea had in fact become well established and developed. The Korean people have now become not only able to fulfill their essential needs but are also making tremendous headway in the direction of attaining self-reliance. Consequently, the Korean people are today free from the problem of unemployment. The entire working people have received the opportunity of choosing  professions of their own propensity by in keeping with their desire and enjoy full state guarantee for the security of their job. I am confident that the contributions which the ideological unity, technological and cultural revolution have rendered in augmenting production and accelerating the pace of progress will go a long way in further consolidating the gains of the Korean development in the future. It was under the far-sighted and dynamic leadership of President KIM IL SUNG that Korea had attained full national independence, economic self-reliance and ability to defend itself without obtaining any foreign assistance, thus turning itself an internationally recognized developed country.


Reunification of Korea, Imperative for Peace


          The speedy progress being achieved by the Korean people under the judicious and dynamic leadership of the great personage, President                 KIM IL SUNG was undoubtedly a matter of extreme pleasure not only for the Korean people alone but also to the entire peace loving people of the world. We in Nepal take particular interest in and rejoice at this inspiring progress of the great Korean people. The divided situation of Korea is a matter of constant pain  to any freedom loving people of the world. This alone is the main and stands out as a very prosperous nation in the world today, the division of the country into two sectors –north and south is indeed the main national problem for Korea. It is in view of this that the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG had made untiring endeavors towards attaining reunification of Korea ever since the founding of  the DPRK. The three principles and five programs put forwarded by President     KIM IL SUNG in June 1973 in connection with the solution of this issue have evoked international praise. The UN General Assembly had helped world public opinion to stand in favor of the justified stance of the Korean people by supporting the proposal for achieving peaceful reunification of Korea. Korea has a five thousand year old history and only one language, one culture and one civilization. It is therefore a matter of pain for any freedom loving people of the world to see this country remaining trunketted for many years. Korea is one nation and it cannot be divided into two nations. There cannot be two opinion on the fact that reunification of Korea should be accomplished into one nation, bound by the same & one ethnic and cultural fabric. The Korean people are determined to attain reunification of their country still under the most inspiring and esteemed leadership of the great and beloved leader of the Korean people Comrade KIM JONG IL who is the General Secretary of the WPK.


The  proposal for attaining peaceful and democratic reunification of Korea without any foreign interferences in therefore  very justified and significant under the present context. It is inevitable  therefore that an atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust should be promoted and relations between the  two should be  developed so that a climate conducive to promoting national unity be built  and the lofty task of peaceful reunification of the country achieved .


We sincerely wish the earliest possible materialization of the reunification of Korea as proposed by President KIM IL SUNG.


Face to Face Talk  and Interview with the Great  Leader

President KIM IL SUNG


          At the official invitation of the Government of DPRK, a four member high level Nepalese journalists delegation of Nepal Journalists Association had visited DPRK from 12th June to 22nd June 1979. In the delegation, Mrs. Subha Laxmi Sakya, Mr. N.K. Aryal and Mr. Gopal Gurung were the members.


The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG despite his very busy engagements in Party and state activities granted  audience as well as interview to me and to my wife at Chongjin on 19th June 1979 and the way he intimately embraced me by calling me as  an old friend, left indelible  imprint on my heart. I felt very lucky to have a great opportunity with the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG face to face and heart to heart talk .This can  never be effaced from my memory. This day is, therefore, a very important day in our life.


The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG answered all of my questions. Before answering of my questions, the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG told me : " I should have met you in Pyongyang. But being away on a local tour of guidance, I was obliged to request you to come a long way here. I am very sorry for this. I would like you to understand this circumstance.

I bid you a hearty welcome on your visit to our country.

I express my thanks to you for your great efforts to promote friendship between the Korean and Nepalese peoples and for the active support and encouragement you have given our people.

I am especially grateful to you, the Chairman of the Nepalese Journalists Association, for your positive support and encouragement to the Korean people's struggle for national reunification and socialist construction, and also for the congratulatory messages you have sent me several times. Although this is my first meeting with you, I feel as if I am meeting an old friend. Today's meeting has made us close friends.

I present you my thanks for the cordial words you have spoken about this country and about myself. I am also thankful for your active support to our people's cause of national reunification.

Today I meet you in the recess of a conference. Although our time is limited, I will briefly answer your questions. "


During the meeting, we had the fortunate opportunity of knowing and acquainting ourselves with the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG commanding international veneration and esteem from a very close quarter and the impressions of the same are even today indelible in my mind and heart. We ourselves feel sometimes wonderstruck to see how the impressions of President KIM IL SUNG’s personality have been immortal on our heart and then put a question and ask as to why it could become so. Then immediately we recall the most affectionate and friendly manner in which the Great Leader President      KIM IL SUNG  treated us and the members of our delegation during that visit and some to the conclusion that was mainly the reason behind that. The day we happened to personally meet President KIM IL SUNG symbolizes, we feel, the fulfillment of our long cherished dream and aspirations. We are indeed very much indebted to President KIM IL SUNG for the precious time he allotted to grant me an interview, and feel that the affections and most cordial treatment he meted out towards us, we and our colleagues on the occasion too was equality significant. It was indeed a very unique occasion for us to have received such a fraternal treatment from the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG. The simplicity and deep affection with which President KIM IL SUNG held conversation with me and replied to my various questions confirmed in our minds and hearts the truth that it is these qualities and virtues of this most distinguished personality of President KIM IL SUNG which in fact are responsible for taking Korea on the path of progress and prosperity.


Likewise, I also get the great opportunity to put the questions before the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG also on 29th November 1990 in Pyongyang.


During our visit, we came across living  example of how the state has made all necessary provisions to systematically raise the living standard of the Korean people in all fields. The credit to all this goes to the Great Leader President  KIM IL SUNG. It is the result of this contribution that the entire Korean people are today prosperous and happy. We had notices the record of the tremendous progress made in the field of education during our visit to Korea and we found that the country had gone further ahead in those fields when we visited Korea again and again. The entire Korean children have been provided with all modern facilities and DPRK is the only country in the world where education and medical treatment are completely free. There are provisions for the welfare of the old people and the women fold too and they have been emancipated from various problems. To be true, the society of DPRK has become free from all kinds of exploitation which is a great victory for the entire Korean people.

DPRK is developing vary fastly because there is no political problems. Each and every Korean people have the feeling of national unity, nationalism, to save the sovereignty and to develop their country in full swing without any foreign interferences. I have also found that the relations between the Korean people and the Government is just like the relations between water and fish.   

          The President KIM IL SUNG was the Great Leader of the Korean people and remain always the Great Leader. The contributions made by the Great Leader KIM IL SUNG will be written in the golden figures in the world history.

I had visited many countries of the world including DPRK but I like to visit DPRK again and again. The Juche idea is the great idea. This idea is very popular in each and every country of the world including Nepal. I am the first Nepali Citizen who received ‘Degree of Doctor’ from DPRK on the subject of “The Great Juche Idea and DPRK” in Pyongyang on 16th April 2012.

We sincerely wish a good health, long life and happiness of the Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN as well as for continued progress and prosperity of the Korean people.


We  wish all the success of the e-seminar.


-         President KIM IL SUNG, Great Leader KIM JONG IL and Comrade KIM JONG SUK  will be always with us !


-         Long-live the Great Juche Idea and Songun policy !


-         Long live our Friendship !             


 Thank You all.