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ON THE OCCASION OF PAKISTAN DAY:23rd MARCH 2015 Nepal-Pakistan relation cordial and unique

26 March, 2015


Nepal-Pakistan relation cordial and unique



-         Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya


Nepal Journalist Association


A friend in need is a friend indeed, goes a popular saying and this aptly applies to the relationships between Nepal and Pakistan.  Many decades ago when Nepal decided to launch its air services, it suffered from a teething problem. It had both planes and pilots but the pilots were not trained. It was natural for Nepal not having the training facilities to pilot as it was making first attempt to spread its wings in the sky. Nepal requested many nations for this but many of its friendly nations kept mum on the matter and it is only Pakistan that came out to lend its helping hand to Nepal. About 90 fresh pilots were sent to Pakistan for the training and they returned home with the practical insights and know-how on the operation of the aircrafts. This made possible for the Nepalese national flag carrier for its historic take-off. This cooperation marked an initial yet strong gesture on the part of Pakistan to grow Nepal-Pakistan ties on the solid foundation. Today Nepal-Pakistan relations have attained new heights with significant gains in the field of diplomatic, cultural, educational, media and trade arenas.


Nepal and Pakistan do not only enjoy cordial, brotherly and close ties but they also share a unique bonhomie. Pakistan is an Islamic republic and Nepal, also a republic where majority of people practice Hindu religion. In Pakistan, there are also Hindus, who are in the minority. In Nepal, there are also Muslim followers, who are in minority. Look at this starkly opposite socio-cultural setting between two South Asian nations. But, these differences come as an asset, not liability. The two nations have cultivated higher level of political, diplomatic and intellectual understanding, maturity and wisdom, making them exemplary friends in the world. Their different faiths do not come on the way to pose any challenges to their bilateral relations. Thus, this relation is unique and based on mutual and deeper understanding, cooperation and friendship.


It has elapsed more than half a century since the two nations established their diplomatic ties in December 1960. Our friendly relation is going strength to strength. With a view to further cement the bilateral ties and expand them to the people’s level, Nepal-Pakistan Friendship and Cultural Association (NPFCA) was formed in 1961(9th Magha 2018, Monday). During this period, a large number of activities were conducted by the Association to boost Nepal’s relations with its one of the most trustworthy and friendly nation, Pakistan. Last year, the Association brought an innovative approach to highlight and deepen Nepal-Pakistan relations. It organised medical health camp where the patients had free health medical check-ups and necessary medicines free of cost.


NPFCA organised this Free Medical Camp to help the lower, depressed and old people of Kathmandu Municipality City. It was inaugurated jointly by Hon. Vice Chairman of Constituent Assembly Ms. Onsari Gharti Magar, H.E. Pakistan Ambassador Mr. Arshed Saud Khosa and NPFCA Chief Mr. Himalaya Shumsher Rana on 12th April 2014 that also provided medicines to the patients free of cost. The medical camp had particularly provided service to the people with the heart, diabetic, orthopaedic, eye, child and ladies problems. In all together 300 people benefited from this one day camp that started at Paropakar High School at 7:30 a.m.


In the Camp, Senior Nepalese Doctors who Graduated from different University of Pakistan participated. They are : Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Prabin Bahadur Pradhan,  Eye Surgeon Prof. Dr. Om Krishna Malla, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr. Anjana Karki,  Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Ramesh Malla, Eurologist Dr. Udaya Man Singh Dangol, Dr. Rano Mal Piryani, Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr. Suman K. Shrestha, Child Specialists Dr. Roushan Jahan & Dr. Najla Khatun, Dr. Bindu Pandey, Pathologist Dr. Bharat Bahadur Amatya, Cardiologist  Dr. Deepankar Prajapati, General Surgery Dr. Rabin Bahadur Basnet, Dr. Ritu  Pradhan, Dr. Dipendra Bahadur Amatya, Eurologist Surgeon and  Dr. Dhruba Bahadur Adhikari.


According to the record, more than 650 Nepalese Doctors graduated from Pakistan. Every year the Government of Pakistan has giving scholarship to Nepalese people to study in MBBS and Pharmacy.The striking part of the camp was that it was conducted by those doctors who studied in Pakistan under its scholarship scheme. We thought that it was a very original idea to engage Nepali doctors graduated from Pakistan in the philanthropic act. The camp pulled a large number of people and greatly benefited from it. We believe such a charitable deed enhances affinity between Nepal and Pakistan. NPFCA believe that Pakistan-trained medics also fulfilled their moral obligation towards society. In doing so, we witnessed two positive impacts- on one hand, the needy and poor have got advantage from the free medical check-up and medicines, on the other, this indirectly proved that Pakistan is a kind and open-hearted nation. It helps people and nations unselfishly and at a time of urgency.   


            NPFCA is also organising different activities to promote further the friendly relations between Nepal  and Pakistan. In this context, NPFCA is happy to celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan every year. To mark Pakistan 68th Independence Day that falls on August 14th, Rt. Hon. Vice President Mr. Parmanada Jha had kindly participated in the celebration program as a chief guest.


The most cordial and friendly understanding, goodwill and sentiments of cooperation subsisting so happily between Nepal and Pakistan from time immemorial and we really feel proud that Nepal and Pakistan alone are such two countries in the world who present such a unique example of peaceful co-existence the like of which cannot be seen anywhere else. We both follow diametrically-opposed social, political and economic systems but yet we both are so close to each other in almost all sectors. Pakistan is providing most liberal and unconditional assistances to Nepal in our all round developments.


Nepal-Pakistan Friendship and Cultural Association wishes continue peace, glory and prosperity for the people of Pakistan. The Nepalese people have been closely watching with deep interest and sense of high appreciation to the attaining of marvellous achievement of vast developments made by the people of Pakistan.


The ties of intimate friendship, cooperation and good understanding among the people level of both the countries have been subsisting so happily and smoothly. Let’s hope the growing spirit of cooperation will pave the way for a new era of peace and prosperity between Nepal and Pakistan. We definitely hope that the mutual friendly relationship between us will further strengthen in the years to come. I had visited many countries of the world, among them I would like to visit Pakistan again and again because Pakistan is a lovely and great country.




 * Dr. Sakya is the President of Nepal Journalists Association, General Secretary of Nepal-Pakistan Friendship & Cultural Association and Chief Editor of ARPAN Weekly also.