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On the auspicious occasion of the 69th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Myanmar: A Lovely and Beautiful Country

22 December, 2016

 The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a beautiful, lovely and great country. I have visited many many countries of the world. Among them, there are some of the few countries which I would like to visit again and again. Among these countries Republic of  the Union of  Myanmar is one of the country, which I would like to visit again and again. The Nepal Journalists Association and the Myanmar Journalists Association have the visit of journalists exchange program since 1992.In this connection, in the capacity of the President of Nepal Journalists Association (NJA), I got the opportunity to visit this lovely country eight times at the kind invitation of the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Likewise, at the invitation of Nepal Journalists Association, the high level journalists delegation of Myanmar also visited Nepal many times.


Myanmar is known as the golden land not only for her golden pagodas but also for her fertile land and the wealth of its agriculture, natural resources and precious minerals and stones. Myanmar has a variety of natural beauty, waterfalls, magnificent lakes, enchanting cages, natural sandy beaches, the unique culture of different ethnic groups and the famous thousand year old glittering golden pagodas. Myanmar also has flora and fauna, resorts to rest and make excursion. Traditionally, Myanmar is known as a cultural destination because of its numerous historical monuments, Buddhist temples and pagodas. There are other attractions for visitors who are specialized in Archaeology, Buddhism, Entomology, Birds, Plants, etc. Some adventurous tourists visit Myanmar for trekking, scuba diving, cross-country cycling, car rally and hot-air balloon flying. Furthermore, Myanmar is the only country in Southeast Asia with snow-capped mountains and Mt. Khakaborazi is the highest mountain in Myanmar. For eco-tourists, there are many new natural parks throughout the country.



The ancient capital, Bagan is  full of archeological and historic significance has  entered into a new phase of development. Everyone among the people feel how Myanmar has entered into in new era from the concrete steps taken by the Myanmar Government in the direction of fulfilling the basic needs of total developments alongwith the construction of roads and bridges etc.


The present leadership of Myanmar has already prepared the outline of the total developments of Myanmar. The public life there is peaceful, serene and secure. The Government is committed to the people’s progress and as a result the people too are extending their integrated cooperation in each and every steps of the Government. The people are intensely willing to turn Myanmar clean, pure, green and attractive. Representing the feelings of the people, the Government is making good use of its sources, resources and skill. Innumerable pagodas, stupas, ancient palaces of archeological and historical significances are under repair and archaeological excavations are going on in full swing, and of special note is the spontaneous cooperation being extended by the people in these activities.

The Myanmar is developing fast in all sectors because the relationship between the Government and the people is just like the relations between a fish and water. The Myanmar people are hard working, well-discipline and very honest. The Nepalese community are staying happily in Myanmar. They are grateful to the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar for the kind cooperation and help to them.


Religious Title :


The Government of Republic of the Union of Myanmar has been giving the Dhamma Title every year on the auspicious occasion of New Year. This Title has been given to those Bhikkhus inside Myanmar as well as outside the country who are working for strengthening, propagating and long lasting of Theravada Shasan, evaluating their contribution. The Title is given by celebrating a great ceremony in the “Mahapasan Cave” near the Yangoon City in Myanmar where the Sixth Council of Theravada Buddhism has been occurred.


The Government of  Republic of  the Union of Myanmar had given the religious Title “Aggamahapandit” to the late Sangha-Mahanayak Pragyananda Mahathera in 1990. Few years after, the Government of Myanmar had given the Title “Aggamahasaddhammajotikadhaja” to late Sangha-Nayak Shakyananda Mahathera. After that, the same title has given to present Sangha-Nayak Aniruddha Mahathera. The Government of Myanmar has been providing a great contribution and helps to rehabilitate, develop and strengthen the Theravada Shasan. Venerable Late Sangha-Mahanayak  Pragyananda Mahathera, Late Sangha-Nayak Shakyananda Mahathera, Present Sangha-Nayak Aniruddha Mahathera, Gyanpumika Mahathera Anagarika  Dhammavati etc. all had studied the Buddhism from Myanmar. Till now, many Anagarikas from Nepal are studying Theravada Buddhism in different religious places of  Republic of the Union of Myanmar .


The famous meditation teachers from Myanmar like Taumpulu Sayado, Mahashi Sayado came to visit Nepal to promulgate the teachings of Buddha. The great Meditation Teacher U. Panditaviwansa Sayado is coming here time to time to teach the Vipassana Meditation in the International Buddhist Meditation Center. Which was established by the great contribution of Venerable late Sumangal Mahathera.

Every year, the great Meditation Teacher U. Panditaviwansa Sayado comes here to run meditation retreat of Satipatthan Vipassana. By his goodwill, effort and inspiration, the meditation center, namely “Panditaram” has been established in Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, which was also inaugurated by himself in  February 1999.


The Land of Virgins and Restful Nights :


          Myanmar has long been known as the Land of Pagodas, but very few persons if any seem to be aware of the fact that it has also been a Land of Virgins. It probably is one of the least known facts of their times. The people of Myanmar have always set great store by premarital virginity and that view has remained unchanged to this day when permissiveness and sexual promiscuity are rampant elsewhere .


Abstinence from sex is one of the eight percepts that Buddhists are expected to observe on Sabbath days which occur four times in a month. One fundamental precept is that all practicing Buddhists have to abide  by is the samething as the Christian Commandment. ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife ’ I don’t know how many Westerners most of whom are Christians nominally at least still obey that commandment. Myanmar’s still take that precept seriously with result that marital unfaithfulness is considered a heinous social crime in their strait-laced society.


According to a well-known Myanmar saying some things are better kept hidden even if their existence is known and one of them is sex. They look upon it as something to be repressed and all their religious preachers keep dining the idea into their heads. Thus they may qualify as the most undersexed society on earth.

All these things contribute to making virginity the most highly prized possession of women until their marriage. Dating is a definite  no-no to their conservative mores. Sure  most young people fall in love or they believe they do in their teens and have boy friends or girl friends. But most of them go steady with the same partners until they can tie the knot. Playing the field is never their intention and few couples go all the way before marriage. And do you know what a girl’s  typical response will be if a boy makes a pass at her ? She will probably slap his cheek ! making a pass is simply not done here. The usual approach is to pass a letter or to make a verbal declaration over the phone. It possible. They ought to be convinces by now that most of Myanmar’s women remain virgins until their marriage.


One reason why there are so many virgins in Myanmar is that Myanmar girls don’t drink nor do they use drugs. You know that drinking and drug abuse are highways to sex and promiscuity. When a girl neither drinks nor uses drugs, it would be quite a task approaching her and saying “I say, how about it?


Conclusion :

In Myanmar, the economic entrepreneurs are joining hands with the Government in running the business with honesty, discipline and farsightedness to bring about the development of the nation and the smooth running of the market economic system. The entire national development tasks are carried out with the collective leadership and individual responsibility. Due to the coordination and cooperation of the Government departments and the public together, the national development has become evident and gaining momentum. Actually we have found that the relationship between the Government and the people is just like the water and fish.


During our visits in Myanmar we have also found that the Government is emphasizing for development in the future are industrial development, electricity, mechanized agriculture, transportation,  commodity price control and reduction. In order that the seven- step policy  plan succeeds , consecutive and timely action are undertaken for the stability of the State, prevalence of law and order, community peace and tranquility, to  ease the food, clothing and shelter needs of the people and  good educational foundation to be able to differentiate right or wrong and good or bad.


The Government of Republic of the Union of Myanmar is carrying out the development tasks all over the nation including both the hills and the plains, there emerged social infrastructure - pagodas   and monasteries, religious edifices, roads, bridges and irrigation facilities, mills and  factories and so on. River and creek bridges have been constructed,  filing  the recesses in earth , leveling the ground and tunneling the mountains. All  the national brethren on the hills and the plains have closer contacts and friendship as a result of smooth and efficient communication. Due to the irrigation facilities, agricultural production has become quite successful in the country.


We have experienced and witnessed from a very close quarter how the living standard of  the Myanmar people had risen and improved . We noticed almost all people, to whatever vocation they belong to, very well dressed, quite happy and honestly dedicated to develop their country. Everywhere, both in the urban and rural regions we found construction and development works going on in full swing. Throughout the country it was really praiseworthy. All through new hotels are under construction to promote tourists which is also flourishing. The environment and atmosphere is every where neat and clean. The people are fully satisfied with  the development works in all sectors. It was really a happy occasion see Myanmar developing.  We have found the people enjoying full freedom of human right, full freedom of work,  full freedom of expression, full  freedom of democracy and full freedom of press. Likewise, we have found the political stability in Union of Myanmar.The public life there is quite peaceful, serene and secure. The Government is committed to the people's progress and as a result the people too are extending their integrated cooperation to each and every step of the Government. The people are intensely willing to turn Myanmar clean, pure, green and attractive.


During our visit to Myanmar, we have seen that all the valuable historical items are well preserved. We are greatly impressed to the way all the Nepalese community are living in Myanmar in happiness and peace. We have found that businessmen are busy for business and industrialists are busy for better productions. The market price for any items are very cheaper and the quality is also very excellent. We have met many foreigner tourists and have seen many tourists with their smiling faces. In many places the people are donating cash and we have found that the donations money are quite used by the concerning authorities of the Pagodas. We are highly satisfied and impressed from the recent developments in Myanmar. Wherever we visited, we have been accorded warm welcome and kind hospitality which we will never forget.


On the auspicious occasion of  the 69th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, on behalf of Nepal Journalists Association and ARPAN Weekly family, we are happy to extend warm greetings, congratulations and best wishes to the Government and the people of the Republic of Union of  Myanmar



                                                                                        -        Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya


Nepal Journalists Association