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Speech of Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya at Pyongyang

05 May, 2017

Pyongyang: The President of Nepal Journalists Association Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya delivered speech at the meeting of large gathering of the juche followers at People Palace of Culture of Pyongyang on 16th April 2017

The Detail Speech of Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya is as followers:  

Respected Comrades, Korean friends, ladies and Gentleman,

It is a great honour and opportunity for me to address at the gathering of   Juche soldiers and Juche followers here today in Pyongyang at the programme organized on the auspicious occasion of Sun’s Day.

February 16, Juche 106 (2017) marks the 75th Birthday of Comrade KIM JONG IL, eternal General Secretary of the Workers’ party of Korea and Great Leader of the Korean People. Likewise, April 15 is another historical significant day for the entire progressive and peace loving people of the world and this year, all the progressive people of the world including Nepal  celebrating it as the “Day of the Sun” as it happens to the 105th Birth Anniversary of eternal President Comrade KIM IL SUNG. To celebrate these two happy occasions of our friendly country, DPRK, we had formed 15-member Nepal National Preparatory Committee also with prominent figures from friendship and social organizations dedicated to promote the friendship between Nepal and DPRK.

As we know well that entire Korean people observing these two historical occasions as the nation’s greatest holiday which the world’s people aspiring after the independence and justice also view them as great occasions for celebration. 

The Juche idea is a great idea and it is very popular in each and every country of the world. I am extremely happy to say that there are many Juche followers in Nepal and they want to study further on different aspects of  Juche idea.

We in Nepal believe that it has become an overwhelming trend of the times and aspiration of the mankind to advance along the road of independence indicated by the Juche idea created by eternal President KIM IL SUNG; practically developed by Leader KIM JONG IL and deeply followed by the dear Supreme Leader of the Korean people Marshal  KIM JONG UN.

Deeply studying the above facts, we the like-minded peace loving and progressive journalists of Nepal have already  established “NJA for Studying Juche Idea & Songun Policy” on the occasion of “Sun’s Day”, April 15, the Birth Anniversary of President KIM IL SUNG on 15th April 2010 in Kathmandu to disseminate in mass-public the Juche Idea and Songun Policy.

Juche and Songun ideas of the great leaders of Mount Paekdu  are likened to the light of the Sun that illumines the way to be followed by mankind, while their virtue and moral obligation are to the heat of the Sun that gives life to all organisms. The banner of Juche idea and Songun policy upheld by President Kim IL Sung has become a great power of strength and encouragement not only to the Korean people who are achieving eye-opening successes in the socialist construction with a firm stand of independence but also to the progressive and peace-loving peoples of the world who are struggling for the realization of global independence and peace. 

Various organizations on the study of Juche idea and Songun Policy in Nepal believe that Juche will bring a new height in disseminating the Juche idea all over the world for the good of the entire humanity, peace, independence and progress. 

The Juche idea is very popular in each and every country of the world including in Nepal.  I am happy to address here that we have established Juche Study Center in Kathmandu and Nepalese people of different societies gather every Saturday morning for 3 hours and study further on Juche idea and Songun Policy.

It is therefore, all the peace-loving and progressive people of Nepal are engaged to deeply study the Juche idea which is most essential for the Nepalese people to stand on own self without depending the neighbor countries, which sometimes dare to keep the Nepalese people under their domination. So, we should learn to live by our own means like the DPR of Korea is teaching us.

The Juche is the great ideology that forms the quintessence of the revolutionary ideas of the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG. They represent the system of the idea, theory and method of Juche. In other words, the revolutionary ideas of  President KIM IL SUNG constitute an integral whole which comprises the Juche idea discovered for the first time in the history of human thought and the theory and method clarified by this idea in relation to the revolution and construction.

All the thoughts and theories of Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG proceed from Juche ideas and embody it. The Juche idea is the source of the greatness and creativeness of the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG‘s revolutionary ideas on the pinnacle of the developing human thoughts. Without grasping President KIM IL SUNG’s Juche idea therefore one can hardly comprehend his great revolutionary ideas and the admirable value of their vitality.

The Juche idea is the great ideology that tells man, the masses of the people how to become the genuine masters of the revolution and construction. It is the guiding ideology which shows the popular masses the way of freeing themselves not only from national and class oppression and exploitation but also from all sorts of fetters to enjoy an independent and creative life as genuine masters of their own destiny. The Juche idea supplies the guiding principle of the revolution and the method of finding the correct solution to all problems arising in the revolution and construction.

The Juche idea is an independent ideology propounded by President KIM IL SUNG. This independent stand provides a firm guarantee for inducing the masses of the people to defend their rights as masters and perform their responsibility as such.

Frankly speaking, President KIM IL SUNG and Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL are  not only the Great Leaders of the entire Korean people but both of them are  also beloved leaders of all the progressive people of the world  including Nepal too.

Today His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN, the Supreme leader of the entire Korean people is carrying forward the revolutionary cause pioneered by President KIM IL SUNG and Great Leader  KIM JONG IL and is demonstrating its might to the whole world as a country of Juche, a country of Songun.

Entire Korean people are expressing their deepest thanks and respect to President KIM IL SUNG, who had devoted all his life to the  sacred cause for freedom and independence of the people  and  for social progress and made brilliant achievements for the mankind.  President KIM IL SUNG was the great thinker and theoretician who fathered the Juche idea, the great guiding idea of revolution which represents the whole historic period the present and the future and illumines the way ahead of era. 

President KIM IL SUNG, who founded the immortal Juche idea in his early years and gave origin to the Juche-based social sciences, clearly indicated the mission and duty of social sciences in our era and wisely led the struggle for carrying them out. It was thanks to his leadership that our social sciences entered the new road of the Juche-based development, away from the already established framework, and sciences of all fields including philosophy, economics, linguistics and history developed into the Juche-based social sciences contributing to the revolutionary struggle and construction for the independence of the popular masses and put on a high level of the development of human social sciences.

Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL conducted energetic ideological and theoretical activities, comprehensively developing in depth the Juche idea and the Songun idea founded by President KIM IL SUNG, and thus made them shine as the perfect guiding idea in the era of independence and put various fields of social sciences including Juche philosophy and science of literature and arts on the highest position.

It would not be inconsistent here to claim that President KIM IL SUNG’s personality had not remained confined only to any limited area but had expanded over the entire regions of the nation. In fact, the multi-faceted personality of President KIM IL SUNG had become a golden page in the history of multi-lateral progress of DPRK. The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG had so closely identified himself with the urges and aspirations of the people that there is nothing in the DPRK which does not carry the distinct impact of that great personality. The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG had personally visited each and every nook and corner of the DPRK to understand for himself the hardships and problems of Korean people. The revolutionary idea formulated by President  KIM IL SUNG is Kimilsungism with the Juche idea as the essence.

Marshal KIM JONG UN, Supreme Leader of the Korean people formulated the revolutionary ideas of President KIM IL SUNG and Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL, which have been recognized as the great ideology guiding the era of independence as Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism. This is an event of a historic significance for the world progressives as well as Koreans, who struggle for independence and socialism.

The Songun idea illumines the correct way of building a thriving socialist country. That a country, whose national strength is strong and in which everything prospers and the people live happily with nothing to envy in the world is a thriving socialist country was defined by Great Leader KIM JONG IL. True to the theory clarified by the Songun idea, DPR of Korea is accelerating the building of an economic power while consolidating its status of a politico-ideological and military power.

Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN, who is creditably carrying forward Great Leader KIM JONG IL’s cause of building a thriving nation  gave a classic definition that single-hearted unity and invincible military might plus the industrial revolution in the new century together make a thriving socialist country.

President KIM IL SUNG despite his very busy engagements in Party and State activities granted audience as well as direct face to face an interview to me and to my wife at Chongjin on 19th June 1979 and the way he intimately embraced me by calling me as an old friend left indelible imprint on my heart. I felt very lucky to have a great opportunity for face to face direct interview with President KIM IL SUNG. This can never be effaced from my memory. This day is, therefore, a very important day in our life.

Likewise, I also had the great opportunity to present the questions before President KIM IL SUNG on 29th November 1990 in Pyongyang also President KIM IL SUNG had kindly answered of all my questions and it was widely published in Medias.

The President KIM IL SUNG and Great Leader KIM JONG IL are the Great Leaders of the Korean people and remain always the Great Leaders of all the progressive people of the world including Nepal. The contributions made by President  KIM IL SUNG and  Great Leader KIM JONG IL will be written by  golden figures in the world history.

I am the first Nepali Citizen who received ‘Degree of Doctor’ from DPRK on the subject of “The Great Juche Idea and the DPRK” in Pyongyang on 16th April 2012 which is a great honour to me.

We take this opportunity of expressing our confidence that the Korea and the Korean people will continue to attain new heights of success in all fields under the dynamic and far-sighted leadership of Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN. 

Availing ourself of this opportunity, we sincerely wish a good health, long life, prosperity and happiness of the Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN and every success in early achieving, independent and peaceful reunification of Korea to build a strong and prosperous socialist country in the world.  

President KIM IL SUNG and Great Leader KIM JONG IL will be always with us forever !

Long Live the Great Kimilsunism-Kimjongilism !

Long-Live the Great Juche Idea and Songun  Policy !

Long  Live the Great Workers Party of  Korea !

Long  Live our Friendship !

Thank you !