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Medical Camp boosts Nepal-Pakistan ties

16 March, 2019

On the occasion of Pakistan National Day (23rd March 2019)

Medical Camp boosts Nepal-Pakistan ties


-Dr . Manju Ratna Sakya

General Secretary- NPFCA


There are different ways of promoting relations between the nations. Nowadays diplomatic relations among the countries are mostly determined by the volume of trade, investment, political and cultural exchanges. Economic cooperation is largely based on give and take as many issues of bilateral interests are garbed in sweet diplomacy that common people find difficult to decipher.


However, there are modest means to boost ties between the nations at the people-to-people level that can be instrumental in enhancing understanding in the higher political leadership. This can well be applied in Nepal-Pakistan relations that formally started in 1960. The two nations have sound relations at the government-to-government and people-to people level. Nepal-Pakistan Friendship & Cultural Association (NPFCA), set up in December 1961( 9th Magha 2018, Monday)  has been playing catalytic role in promoting and expanding Nepal-Pakistan relations through modest yet unique means. The Association has refrained itself from making big talks and instead is engaged in constructive activities to promote people-to-people ties between the two nations.


One of such activities is the annual organization of free medical camps for the needy, old and poor section of people. It has been organizing free medical camp in Kathmandu and Dhulikhel for many years. The Association has been mobilising the Nepali doctors graduated from Pakistan to conduct the health camps. In my view, this is very practical approach to get engaged Nepali physicians graduated from Pakistan. This reflects these doctors’ loyalty towards nation and selfless services to the patients.  In Nepal quality health facilities are beyond the capacity of the poor these days. Health amenities have become costly. If a patient from poor economic background catches a serious disease, she has no option but to die.


So the Association came up with the idea of providing the health services to the needy people with the participation of Nepali physicians who completed their study in Pakistan. The patients suffering from diabetic, blood pressure, neurological, ENT, heart, paediatric and orthopaedic problems enjoyed free treatment and medicines. The patients get medicine and X-ray and Ultra-Sound Test free of cost too. The poor patients are provided medicines for six months freely. Around 1300 Nepali doctors have so far graduated from Pakistan. They have realised that they have also social and moral responsibility towards those deprived of basic health amenities. In my view this is modest way of boosting the bilateral relations between the two nations.


Recently, NPFCA oraganized 9th Free Medical Camp successfully which was inaugurated jointly by Hon’ble Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health & Population Mr. Upendra Yadav, H.E. Ambassador of Pakistan Dr. Mazhar Javed and NPFCA President Mr. Himalaya S. Rana amidst a special ceremony by lighting in a oil fed traditional Panas Lamp at Paropakar Central Clinic on 9th Feb. 2019.


Likewise, NPFCA organizing 10th  Free Medical Camp at Bhramarkot Himalayan H.S. School at Panchakhal, Dhulikhel on 30th March 2019.


Senior Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Ramesh Mall of SMS Clinic, Hattisar, Kamalpokhari who contributed free medicines also had very sincerely participated in the camp with his assistants Mr. Suresh Adhikari and Ms. Rabina Maharjan.


Likewise, Chairman  & CEO of Vijaydeep Laboratories Ltd. Mr. Pradeep Man Vaidya had also kindly contributed free medicines for the camp too.


With a view to expanding Nepal-Pakistan ties, the Association has launched a that provides useful information about Nepal-Pakistan. It seeks to apprise the viewers of the activities of the Association undertaken to strengthen the bond of remarkably cordial relationship between the people and government of Nepal and Pakistan.


The website of NPFCA was launched by Rt. Hon’ble Vice President Mr. Nanda Bahadur Pun amidst a special but very attractive ceremony on 10th December 2017. The digital efforts to enhance the approchement between the two friendly nations are greeted by the people wishing to see both nations working together from the common benefits.


 Nepal and Pakistan have been cordial friends since they established diplomatic relations in 1960.They enjoy trouble-free ties. Pakistan is a credible and tested friend that has always extended its selfless support and service to Nepal when the latter faces crisis. There are many instances to attest this fact. The two nations have witnessed high level exchanges of visits at political, diplomatic and academic levels, taking the bilateral relations to new heights. Pakistan’s assistance in the field of economy, education and technical science is highly praiseworthy. It is high time both sides focused on trade and investment. It is imperative for increasing economic cooperation between the two friendly nations.


Nepal and Pakistan share common views on many regional and international issues roiling the countries. Both aspire to stability, peace, development and democracy. As the chair of SAARC, Nepal has responsibility to play important role in bringing together the S Asian nations and boost confidence and trust among them. In view of growing rivalry between India and Pakistan, Nepal needs to act as trustworthy negotiator and trust builder between them


The Association has been annually organizing the Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14 for many years to deepen Nepal-Pakistan ties at the people to people level. High level leaders from different political parties, diplomats, civil society members, business and academic community and media among others attend the Independence Day and shared their views on Nepal-Pakistan ties. It also features documentary shows and musical fanfare. Pakistani Ambassador to Nepal offers his opinions and insights on the occasion. The speakers commend and assess the bonhomie between Nepal and Pakistan and suggest the ways for furthering the mutual bonds.


High level of understanding, mutual cooperation and exchanges of visits has enhanced the bilateral ties. Similar culture and civilizational ethos have further strengthened our bond and fraternity. Achieving peace, stability and prosperity form common goals of two nations. We have to pursue constructive activities to further promote the bilateral ties. Thus, I call upon all to contribute on their respective sides to consolidate Nepal-Pakistan relations.


On the occasion of Pakistan National Day, on behalf of Nepal Journalists Association and Nepal-Pakistan Friendship & Cultural Association extend sincere greetings and congratulations to the Government and people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.




 * Dr. Sakya is the President of Nepal Journalists Association, General Secretary of Nepal-Pakistan Friendship & Cultural Association and Chief Editor of ARPAN Weekly also.