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Name list of the Chinese press delegation

03 May, 2012

Name list of the Chinese press delegation

1.   Mr. Zhao Xiting   Deputy president of Jilin Daily

                Born on April 28, 1955

                Passport Number: P01420018

2.   Mr. Li Zhiwei    Chief editor of Guangming Daily

                Born on March 8, 1973

                Passport Number: S90379771

3.   Ms. Yanyuqing   Chief editor of Qiushi Magazine

                Born on December 4, 1969

                Passport Number: SE0001857

4.   Mr. Zhu Guoqiu   Director of Mass Work of

Shanghai Wenhui Daily

              Born on August 8, 1963

              Passport Number: P01392336

5.   Mr. Wang Hangang  Director of Jinhao Net of

 Shaanxi Radio

Born on December 2, 1964

Passport Number: P01271579

6.   Mr. Zhang Bingshun  Cadre of International 

                Liaison Department of All-China Journalists Associationiation

              Born on November 1, 1963

              Passport Number: S90358096