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Seeing is Believing: NJA Chief

24 December, 2011

Seeing is Believing: NJA Chief

On the same occasion, from the Chair, Mr. Manju Ratna Sakya, President of Nepal Journalists Association said, the Myanmar people are enjoying full freedom of work, full freedom of democracy, full freedom of human rights and full freedom of press.

The NJA Chief Mr. Sakya said, Myanmar is today enjoying peace, political stability and security as never before in the history of Myanmar. All over Myanmar, the people are almost voluntarily cooperating in various development projects, building of monasteries, pagodas, roads, dams, schools, bridges, hospitals etc. Likewise, the Government is giving priority to fulfill the basis requirements of the people and promoting their standard of living. The relation between the people and the Government of Union of Myanmar is just like that relation between water and fish. All Myanmar people are happy with the Government led by H.E. Sen. Gen. Than Swe, Chairman of State Peace and Development Council and the people are fully satisfied with the Govt. activities.

Under the far-sighted and dynamics leadership of H.E. Sen. Gen. Than Swe, Chairman of State Peace and Development Council, Myanmar is progressing all round development, Mr. Sakya said. Mr. Sakya further said, being a Buddhist country, the people of Myanmar are interested to visit the four sacred places including Lumbini, Bodhi Gaya, Kushi Nagar and Sarnath once in their life time . So, he requested to the HMG of Nepal to resume the direct air flight from Kathmandu to Yangon to Kathmandu at the earliest.

"Western & European medias are publicising baseless and wrong news about Myanmar. They are doing yellow journalism against Myanmar. Seeing is believing. They should visit Myanmar first and write something after that only" Mr. Sakya said. He further said: the exchange of journalists visit between Nepal Journalists Association and Myanmar Journalists Association will further contribute for the excellent relations between Nepal and the Union of Myanmar.