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DPRK to decorated to NJA Chief Dr. Sakya

26 October, 2015

 Kathmandu: Her Excellency the General Secretary of Presidium of Standing Committee of Supreme People’s Assembly Mrs. Hong Son Ok decorated highest Friendship Medal of DPRK to President of Nepal Journalists Association Dr. Manju Ratna Sakya from Nepal amidst a special ceremony at Mansudae Assembly Hall in Pyongyang on 9th Oct. 2015.


NJA Chief Dr. Sakya was decorated the highest Friendship Medal for his contribution to strengthen the existing mutual friendly relations between Nepal and DPRK.


Besides Dr. Sakya from Nepal, the same medal was decorated to head of the delegates from two other countries also.


The four member Nepalese journalists delegation led by NJA President Dr. Sakya was invited by Government of DPRK to participate in 70th Founding Anniversary of WPK which was celebrated in Pyongyang.


The Nepalese journalist delegation had also the great opportunity to see Supreme  Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN in a very near distance in the ceremony. NJA Chief Dr. Sakya expressed   full support on the marvelous and excellent speech which was delivered by Supreme Leader Marshal KIM JONG UN in that ceremony.


During their  stay in Pyongyang, they  got the opportunity to see and visit President KIM IL SUNG birthplace at Mangyongdae, The Victorious Fatherland Liberation war Museum, Kumsusan  Palace of the Sun, Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang  Textile Mill,  Jangchon Vegetable Cooperative Farm, Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia Exhibition, Sinchon  Museum,  Rungna Dolphinarium, International  Friendship Exhibition at Mt. Myohyang, Tower of Juche idea, The Arch of Triumph and Kim IL Sung University etc.


The delegation also participated in the Lecturers in the People Palace of Culture, Experience Share Meeting which was held by the Cultural Relations Committee “Appeal  to The World Progressive People” and 1st  Enlarged Meeting of the Board of Directors of  KIM IL SUNG-KIM JONG IL Foundation.


Likewise, they were highly obliged to meet H.E. Kim Gi Nam with whom NJA President Dr. Sakya had met him on 19th June 1979 in Pyongyang during Dr. Sakya face to face direct interview with President KIM IL SUNG.


During their stay in Pyongyang, they listed many delicious Korean foods in the Banquet Dinner Party and other places which is still in their tongue.


Wherever they visited, they were accorded warm welcome and kind hospitality which they will never forget.


During their stay in Pyongyang, NJA Chief Dr. Sakya had a courtesy call with many foreign high level delegates.


The Nepalese journalists delegation had a successful visit to DPRK for two weeks and return back to Kathmandu on 17th Oct. 2015 after visiting to China also.


In China, All China journalists Association hosted a dinner in honour of them.