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Life of President KIM IL SUNG Is Life of Outstanding Revolutionary and Great Saint

05 October, 2013

 Speech of  Mr. Manju Ratna Sakya, President Nepal Journalists Association to be deliver at Pyongyang, DPRK on the occasion of the centenary of birth of President KIM IL SUNG on 12th April 2012


Life of President KIM IL SUNG Is Life of Outstanding Revolutionary and Great Saint


Respected Chairman, Korean Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,


First of all, on behalf of  Nepal Journalists Association and NJA for Studying Juche idea & Songun policy, we would like to express our high tributes and sincere respect to the eternal President KIM IL SUNG on the occasion of the centenary of birth of President KIM IL SUNG.


It is a great opportunity to me to speak few words on the Great Leader President Kim IL Sung in the World conference on the Juche idea which is going on in Pyongyang, the DPRK, motherland of the Juche idea on the auspicious occasion of the Sun’s Day, the centenary of birth of President KIM IL SUNG.


We, the Juche idea followers from Nepal are very lucky to participate  in the World Congress on the Juche Idea held on the occasion of  the centenary of birth of President KIM IL SUNG looking  back with deep reverence upon the life of the President as an outstanding revolutionary and a great saint who devoted himself to the revolutionary cause for independence of the popular masses.


Comrade KIM IL SUNG is the outstanding and Great Leader of mankind, the only inspirer of  revolutionaries of the world, the founder of the Worker’s Party of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the fortress of freedom, democracy and socialism, the author of the great Juche idea, the thinker and theoretician of the great proletarian revolution and the people’s father who boundlessly loves man. Life of President KIM IL SUNG was the life of a great revolutionary who devoted his all to the sacred revolutionary cause for people’s freedom and liberation. President KIM IL SUNG devoted his life to the independent cause of popular masses and the Great Leader devoted his all to the revolution.


The Great Leader, holding fast to the stand of Juche, presented lines of struggle and slogans most  suitable to the urgent requirements of the developing revolution and the aspirations of the people in each stage and period of the Korean revolution and on this basis, set forth the ways to push ahead with the Korean revolution braving all difficulties and gave concrete guidance for their implementation. His slogans of struggle, lines and politics are most scientific, revolutionary and popular.  The Great Leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG who is highly respected and beloved by the people was an outstanding and brilliant leader of revolution and construction who leads the revolution most correctly with brilliant wisdom. All the successes achieved by the Korean people in the revolutionary struggle owe entirely to the Great Leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG who fully represented the requirement of the times and the aspirations of  the people and lead  the Korean and world revolution along the one road of victory with brilliant intelligence and preeminent leadership. The President KIM IL SUNG  also made energetic efforts for the emancipation of the people and went through grave hardships and advanced the revolution successfully with revolutionary faith and iron will. He never abandoned the revolutionary road chosen by him. He dramatically advanced the revolution without any slightest vacillation and hesitation before difficulties and trials.


The life of President KIM IL SUNG was the life of a peerless saint who realized love for the people. The Great Leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG who  earned  the deepest respect and love was not only an outstanding leader who defeated two imperialisms in one generation but also a prominent revolutionary leader and genius of construction who had brought about a great turn and brilliant national prosperity by leading the social revolutions of two stages in a unique way in the building of a new society. The Great Leader successfully fulfilled the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal, democratic revolution including the agrarian reform and other difficult and complex tasks in a short space of time and thus converted the northern part of Korea into a powerful revolutionary democratic base.The successes scored by the Great Leader in the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal, democratic revolution indicated that Korea, once a colonial country which failed to pass through the stage of normal development of capitalism,  carried out a new type of socialist revolution by finding a correct revolutionary path and surmounting all kinds of difficulties.


The President KIM IL SUNG always mixes with the workers, farmers, children, students, the old men and women and listen to their opinion and explans state policies to them. In this way he enlisted the whole nation in the construction. This is the famous field guidance. It was quite different from the way the bureaucratic direction people at the top acted, just talking and doing nothing. The President KIM IL SUNG  possessed ardent and noble revolutionary comradeship and obligation and  trusted  and put up his comrades who shared idea and will, and life and death with him. He treasured his comrades, took care of them and devoted his all for them. The President KIM IL SUNG  possessed warm love for the people and  provided the people with political integrity and enabled them to lead an independent life. He took warm care of people’s living. The President KIM IL SUNG possessed generosity and magnanimity and  led all people to rebirth with no regard to their previous records if they have conscience of loving the country and the people.


The President KIM IL SUNG embraced the Koreans  and world people who aspire for independence. It is indeed not an easy task to assess and evaluate  the multifaceted talents and capacity of the most  unique and dynamic leader of the entire Korean people President  KIM IL SUNG to deal effectively with matters concerned with almost all parts of state affairs as well as the unusual contributions in making the Democratic People's  Republic of Korea play considerable role in the world history. It was he who through  his far-sightedness, wisdom  and courage had protected ahead the nation's survival and progress from various  challenges and threats from within  and without.


The personality of President KIM IL SUNG symbolizes the entire and incessant contribution he had rendered for the economic, social and cultural development of DPRK. The history of DPRK remains incomplete if, it does not shed light on the historic deeds of President KIM IL SUNG accomplished in the larger interests of his country and people. What have been published with regard to the unique qualities of President KIM IL SUNG’s life and personality were found to be concrete realities which I myself witnessed and experienced during our visit to DPRK in June 1979 also. It is this personality of President KIM IL SUNG which had permeated in the heart of the entire Korean people and it is because of this that they have engaged themselves so heroically in the task of their national reconstruction. We personally witnessed this fact during our visit to DPRK that a nation's overall development was possible only under the leadership of such a personality as had identified himself with the lives and aspirations of his people was borne out in the personality of President KIM IL SUNG. Had this national personality of President KIM IL SUNG not been so before the world, Korea and the Korean people would surely have not been able to emancipate themselves from their agony   and troubles. The development campaigns launched in the political, economic, social and cultural fields by President KIM IL SUNG demonstrate beyond even the least suspicion that President KIM IL SUNG was always prepared and determined as ever for laboring hard for the bright future of his country and people. He had dedicated himself to the overall development and fulfillment of the larger interest of his country and people. These constructive contributions made in the larger interests of DPRK reflect without any diminution the personality of President KIM IL SUNG. It was under the dynamic leadership of this illustrious personality that DPRK become able to occupy its place of pride among the developed nation of the world.


It would not be inconsistent here to claim that President KIM IL SUNG’s personality had not remained confined only to any limited area but had expanded over the entire regions of the nation. In fact, the multi-faceted personality of President KIM IL SUNG had become a golden page in the history of multi-lateral progress of DPRK. The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG had so closely identified himself with the urges and aspirations of the people that there is nothing in the DPRK which does not carry the distinct  impact of that great personality. The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG had personally visited each and every nook and corner of the DPRK to understand for himself the hardships and problems of his people. The revolutionary idea formulated by President KIM IL SUNG is Kimilsungism with the Juche idea as the essence.

The revolutionary idea propounded by President KIM IL SUNG was an inheritance and development of Marxism-Leninism and it forms the highest pinnacle of the revolutionary ideas of the working class. In this sense, it may be said that the  revolutionary idea of   President KIM IL SUNG is not a mere present day Marxism–Leninism and it is proper that the Korean people call it Kimilsungism after his death also. President KIM IL SUNG, like the rising sun in the Far East had one of the most far-sighted leadership among all Marxism–Leninism leaders in the contemporary world. His success was ever uncontested leader of the DPRK, reflected absolute support to and trust in the Great Leader as a token of the unanimous desire of the Korean people entrusting their entire destiny to him. Korean people hold him high veneration for he laid them through thick and thin. The pace at which the great Korean people have attained progress in almost all fields of socio-economic structure of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the direct result of the beloved leader of the entire Korean people, Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG who was adored as brilliant master of creation and construction. It was he who had performed immortal feats for the cause of human liberation and of socialist construction. The experiences demonstrate that when he formulates line and policy at each stage of the revolution, he forces the distant future not only taking into account the present and sets a clear direction and objective of struggle for the masses.   

          After routine out the Japanese imperialists, the Great Leader aroused the Korean people vigorously to the building of democratic revolution and to the fulfillment of the three tasks of building the party, the state and the army. To meet the demands of the time, he first founded the Worker’s Party of Korea, the general staff of the Korean revolution and established the people’s government and developed the Korean people’s Revolutionary Army into the Korean people’s army, a regular army. He brought the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution to the success by carrying out the democratic reforms including the agrarian reform. The line of the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution which was set and carried to the success by President KIM IL SUNG was a discovery of social revolution of a new type, it indicated the true path of the revolution to be followed by the countries which had been colonies or had not passed the stage of capitalist growth on a regular basis.


          With the successful acceleration of the three revolutions, socialist Korea has become an invincible country where the firm unity and cohesion based on the Juche idea has been achieved. Where mechanization and automation has been introduced in all work places and the economy  develops at a world startling high rate and where socialist culture and arts bloom. The tremendous social and economic changes brought about in a short time is entirely the result of the wise guidance of the Great Leader KIM IL SUNG. He was a leader with the Juche based and scientifically-laid vision, the strong revolutionary principle, extraordinary revolutionary sweep brilliant wisdom and superb art of leadership.


A Great Leader of an indomitable iron revolutionary will and principle, President KIM IL SUNG maintains all along the Juche and independent principle in formulating and implementing line and policies. Proceeding from this principle he set the basic line of economic construction after the Korean war, a line of giving priority to the growth of heavy industry with simultaneous development of light industry and agriculture , the policy of transforming the economic forms prior to technical transformation, the policy of transforming old intellectuals in a revolutionary way and many other original lines and policies and implemented them through an uncompromising struggle against all kinds of opportunity and counter-revolutionaries.


          The Great Leader, with exceptionally revolutionary sweep is distinguished for his outstandingly revolutionary method of work whereby he completes to the end what he once determined to do. Whenever the situation becomes complex and struggle grows arduous, he relies on the strength and wisdom of the people and assigns the tasks boldly and pushes ahead with them forcefully, overcoming the difficulties by their own efforts and turning misfortune into a blessing.


          The records of revolutionary struggle indicate now in the difficult years of 1956-57, he directed the main efforts to socialist construction while waging an all-people struggle against the enemy’s reactionary offensives and the schemes of all hues of opportunists. In the process, there arose the great upswing of socialist construction and the Chollima Movement and the political and ideological unity of the party and the people was strengthened and their revolutionary advance was accelerated.


          He never allowed a slightest stagnation, passivism and conservatism and leads the people all along to continuous innovation and uninterrupted advancement. He always grasps the main link of the whole chains, concentrates on it and pushes ahead with the whole work smoothly and brings it to completion by the method lightning operation. He gives on the spot guidance, he goes to the masses, shares life and death, joys and sorrows with them and inspires them.


April 15 this year commemorates the 100th birth anniversary of President KIM IL SUNG. Korea declared at home and abroad that it would open the gate to a thriving nation in 2012 marking the centenary of birth of the President.  “Is it possible?” asks the international community.

    Korea answers confidently: “Yes, possible.” It is because the building of a great prosperous and powerful nation was the lifelong desire of President KIM IL SUNG. The Koreans uphold the President like Heaven as he carved out the bright road of the country with his foresight. They also firmly believe through their life experience that his will comes true without fail.

The Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG, despite his very busy engagements in the Party and state activites, granted us audience as well as face to face interview at Chongjin on June 19, 1979 and the way he intimately embraced me calling me an old friend, left an indelible imprint on my heart. This can never be effaced from my memory. This day is, therefore, a very important day in my life. This day materialized my long cherished desire to meet and face to face talk with President KIM IL SUNG.

During the meeting, we had the fortunate opportunity of knowing and acquainting ourselves with the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG commanding international veneration and esteem from a very close quarter and the impressions of the same are even today indelible in my mind and heart. We ourselves feel sometimes wonderstruck to see how the impressions of President KIM IL SUNG’s personality have been immortal on our heart and then put a question and ask as to why it could become so. Then immediately we recall the most affectionate and friendly manner in which the Great Leader President      KIM IL SUNG  treated us and the members of our delegation during that visit and some to the conclusion that was mainly the reason behind that. The day we happened to meet personally President KIM IL SUNG symbolizes, we feel the fulfillment of our long cherished dream and aspirations. We are indeed very much indebted to President KIM IL SUNG for the precious time he allotted to grant me an interview, and feel that the affections and most cordial treatment he meted out towards us, It was indeed a very unique occasion for us to have received such a fraternal treatment from the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG. The simplicity and deep affection with which President KIM IL SUNG held conversation with me and replied to my various questions confirmed in our minds and hearts the truth that it is these qualities and virtues of this most distinguished personality of President KIM IL SUNG which in fact are responsible for taking Korea on the path of progress and prosperity.

Likewise, I also get the great opportunity to put the questions before the Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG on 29th  November 1990 in Pyongyang.

In regard to my question about the friendly relations between Nepal and the DPRK to further strengthening these ties of friendship and mutual cooperation and understanding, President KIM IL SUNG gave the answer : "Historically, the relations between Korea and Nepal have been developing favorably. Since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the DPRK and the Kingdom of Nepal in May 1974, the peoples of the two countries have been supporting and cooperating with each other in the political, economic, cultural and other fields. At present the relations of friendship and cooperation between Korea and Nepal are developing still better with every passing day, thanks to the joint efforts of their governments and peoples”.

The DPRK had developed tremendously under the dynamic leadership of the President KIM IL SUNG which will be written in golden figures in the world history. The President KIM IL SUNG was not only the Great Leader of the Korean people but also one of the Great Leader of the entire progressive people of the world including Nepal.

Respected Chairman, Korean Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,


With due respect I am very happy to inform you that the Great Juche idea is very popular in my country, Nepal.  Deeply studying the above facts, we the like-minded peace loving and progressive journalists of Nepal have established “NJA for Studying Juche Idea & Songun Policy” on the occasion of “Sun’s Day”,  the Birth Anniversary of President KIM IL SUNG on 15th April 2010 in Kathmandu to disseminate in mass-public the Juche Idea and Songun Policy.

Reasons for Establishing : Juche Idea gives a genuinely revolutionary world outlook of our time, the Juche age. This constitutes a major historic contribution made by the Juche idea to the development of humanity's thinking and to the cause of liberation of mankind. The Juche idea defined man as the master who dominates the world, not merely as part of it, and thus established a new world outlook which, unlike preceding ones, regards the world and its changes and progress with man, its master, at the centre. The Juche viewpoint and stand on the world with man in the central place provide a sure guarantee for the independent and creative cognitional activities and practice of man who transforms the world and shapes his destiny. The Juche idea has been brilliantly applied, above all, to the Korean revolution and has won a great victory. Indeed, the Juche idea is an immortal banner of struggle, a banner of victory, for the popular masses in their endeavor to create a new world and shape their own destiny.

The Songun politics idea was first adopted and implemented by Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL in January 1995. Its major doctrine is to treat military power and national defense as the top priority of the country or simply, everything else should give way to military affairs. The Songun politics is a product of the Cold War, and a way of leadership the DPRK was forced to adopt against the severe international climate after the Cold War, the stagnated domestic economy, and the growing pressure from abroad. In the face of the country's practical conditions in the aftermath of the Cold War in northeast Asia, the DPR of Korea had to maintain a wartime perception of national security, and keep strengthening its national defense, which has since been institutionalized as a national strategy.

Dear Leader Supreme  Commander  KIM JONG IL of the KPA, who had carried forward President KIM IL SUNG’s cause has imbued the entire army the Juche-oriented military ideas and directed great efforts to the idealogical work in the army, thus training all the soldiers to be strong in ideas and faith. To cope with the prevailing situation, Supreme Commander KIM JONG  IL held aloft the banner of Songun. His Songun politics is a new mode of socialist politics which puts forward military affairs as the most important of all national affairs and the army as the hardcore and main force to defend socialism and push forward the socialist cause as a whole. It is based on the principle of Songun that the party, state and people can survive as long as they are defended by the army.


Songun politics has rendered Korea’s politico-ideological position secure in every way. The traditional single-hearted unity of the Korean society in which all the people are united around their leader in one ideology, mind and purpose has entered a new, higher stage of development under the  Great Leader KIM JONG IL’s Songun-based leadership. The soldiers are performing with credit their role as the main force in both national defence and socialist construction and the people are working hard to learn from their spirit and mettle the unity of the army and the people has been made invulnerable. Songun politics has brought about an epochal turn in the building of a great prosperous and powerful country.


Korea, which ranks as a politico-ideological and military power for its national capabilities centred on military capability is making a historic advance to reach the status of an economic power. The world’s attention is now focused on socialist Korea, where all the people have turned out in the effort to open the gates of a great, prosperous and powerful country in 2112, the year marking the centenary of birth of its founder KIM IL SUNG, such an amazing reality in Korea is born Great Leader KIM JONG IL’s Songun politics.


As long as it is led by his Songun-based leadership, Korea will remain forever as an impregnable power.


Today the service personnel and people of the DPRK, after looking back with pride  upon the 100th year history of the Juche Korea in which they have recorded victories and glory under the leadership of President KIM IL SUNG and Chairman KIM JONG IL of the DPRK National Defence Commission, started the advance for a great upsurge with a steadfast faith to glorify a new century of KIM IL SUNG’s nation and KIM JONG IL’s  Korea as an era of prosperity and brilliant victory under  the guidance of Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN. Setting it as his lifelong mission to successfully inherit and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche generation after generation, KIM JONG UN, as the closest comrade and most faithful Comrade-in-arms of Chairman KIM JONG IL, had always stood in the van of the revolution and construction together with him.         


Lastly, we avail this opportunity to pay our compliments of highest order to His Excellency Comrade KIM JONG UN and have the honor in extending warmest Greetings and Congratulations on behalf of Nepal Journalists Association and  NJA for Studying the Juche Idea & Songun Policy on assuming the Supreme Commandership of the Korean’s People’s Army at the behest of Leader KIM JONG IL.


We take this opportunity of expressing our confidence that the Korea and the Korean people will continue to attain new heights of success in all fields under the Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN’s dynamic and far-sighted leadership. We are confident that the ties of friendship, mutual trust and cooperation which have been subsisting so happily between our two countries will continue to attain still greater successes. We  sincere wish His  Excellency’s Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN’s good health, long life and happiness as well as for continued progress and prosperity of the Korean people.  


-         President KIM IL SUNG will be always with us !

-         Long-live Juche Idea and Songun policy !

-         Long-live Nepal-Korea Friendship !

Thank You